Cherub Heart Tart Warmer Bundle

Cherub Heart Tart Warmer Bundle


Cherub heart cutout tart warmer + any 3 tarts or Little Heart Melters.

The glass dish is separate for easy cleaning.

Always put your warmer on a heatproof surface.

Choose any 3 tarts or Little Heart Melters to go with your new tart warmer and sample our lovely fragrances.

Choosing your 3 fragrances

Just pop the fragrances in your basket and the discount will be applied at checkout!

Fragrances are subject to availability. Must be singular tarts or Little Heart Melters (not Lucky Dip boxes).

We recommend using a "Signed For" delivery option for tart warmers.

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How To Use:
Place in a wax melt warmer and light an unscented tea light below (or switch it on if it's electric). 
No need to add water.
Sit back and enjoy the fragrance.

Make sure not to over fill your warmer. If you have a smaller size warmer use a half or quarter tart, there should still be space in the top of your warmer once the tart has melted.

Never use more than one tealight in the tart warmer cavity, this can create too much heat and cause the wax to catch fire. 

Limited to 1 per order. If you require more than 1 please contact us at or any of our social networks.